The feelings of fans are jewelry! Contest jewelry starts accepting orders!

The design chosen as the Grand Prix in the first jewelry design contest held from "DIABOLIK LOVERS CHAOS LINEAGE" appears as contest jewelry! From December 11, 2019-December 24, 2019, applications will be accepted on the official website.

■ Official site


* Fan's feelings become full-fledged jewelry!
The first "DIABOLIK LOVERS CHAOS LINEAGE" jewelry design contest held in August this year

The design that won the Grand Prix in this contest was reproduced as high-quality jewelry by creative director Shoya Taniguchi.


This jewelery was presented as a prize to fans who won the Grand Prix
Orders will be sold for a limited time from December 11, 2019.

■ First order period
December 11, 2019-December 24, 2019

■ Ring size
# 6, # 7, # 8, # 9, # 10, # 11, # 12, # 13. # 14, # 15, # 16

■ Sales Price
JEWELRY: From 17,000 yen
HIGH QUALITY: From 35,000 yen
PREMIUM: From 210,000 yen

■ Official site

* The second jewelry design contest will be held at the same time!


The second “VIOLET” jewelry design contest will be held with the release of contest jewelry.

The recruitment qualification is simple!

[Feeling that you like "DIABOLIK LOVERS"] only.

■ Official site

* Jewelry Design Contest: Overview
■ Contents
The official website [] solicits and discusses designs. After that, we narrowed down the design to 4 types and held a popularity vote on Twitter. The design that brilliantly won first place will be commercialized as high quality jewelry by Shoya Taniguchi.

■ Prize
・ Winner: 1 gift of commercialized jewelry

■ Period
・ Recruitment of design: December 11, 2019-December 24, 2019
・ Design voting: End of January 2020
・ Product release date: May-June 2020

■ Application qualification
・ If you like "DIABOLIK LOVERS", you can apply.

■ Design theme

■ Recruitment items
・ Ring, pendant, earrings

■ How to apply
Send the e-mail to with the design image and the following contents.
The application will be completed as soon as you receive a reception completion email.

"Dearava" jewelry contest

·mail address
·phone number
・ Points of design

■ Notes
・ The personal information provided at the time of application will be properly managed by the organizer and will not be used for anything other than selection and presentation. We will publish nicknames etc. at the time of the entrance work announcement.
・ Please be careful not to infringe on the rights of third parties with copyright, trademark rights, portrait rights, etc. If a problem occurs with a third party, the applicant is responsible for resolving it.
・ All rights of the design you have applied will be transferred to Frontier Works Co., Ltd. and Shoya Taniguchi.

* Shoya Taniguchi.
Representative of WINRY. Creative director.
In 2013, he debuted as a designer and announced collections. The following year, he produced the game jewelry department at the age of 22. In 2015, he always wanted to know good things. In 2015, he worked on jewelry such as the popular anime “Tokyo Ghoul” and collaborated with artists who are active in the world. After that, the momentum continued, and the results of production exceeded 10 works. In 2018, he produced jewelry for the popular anime “Attack on Titan” and is now one of the most creative directors.

■ Shoya Taniguchi. Official Site
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